Getting patients to adopt and use a Patient Portal is a central component of Meaningful Use certification, as well as a valuable tool for patients to engage with providers. Engaged Care’s Medical Email Service integrates with EHR/EMR and Practice Management software to dramatically increase the adoption and use of Patient Portals by patients.

Dedicated Service

Engaged Care is focused on bringing targeted technology solutions to vendors and practices. Our focus, support, and technology ensures seamless integration with technology partners and easy use by practices.

Turnkey Solution

Engaged Care’s Medical Email Service is a turnkey email solution for practices that will dramatically increase patient portal use. We have developed an efficient workflow for practices to generate, hand out, and maintain a dedicated medical email list.


Because our Medical Email Service is dedicated only to medical communication, we’re able to offer higher level of security and protection for patients.  Patients only receive emails from their verified doctors and medical facilities.


Whether purchased in bulk with EHR/EMR providers, or purchased separately by practices, our Medical Email Service is affordable for every doctor and provides immediate value for the practice.