Pricing Details

Engaged Care charges a single low annual fee for use of its medical e-mail service under the SHOWMYCARE brand.

Typically, licenses are put in place for all physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners within the practice. Once registered, each licensed user is set up with a medical email address on the Engaged Care medical email server and practice will have access to the following services:

  • Generate a unique e-mail address for each patient
  • Send and receive secure e-mail communication to each patient who has received an e-mail address
  • Install the application on all workstations, tablets and smart phones

The license fee can be purchased as follows:

Individual:  $50 per license each year

Group (10 or more):  $45 per license each year

Enterprise (50 or more):  $40 per license each year

Payment is made at the beginning of the period and will automatically renew on the anniversary of the purchase date.

In addition to the annual license fee, practices using the Engaged Care service will purchase pre-printed instructional cards (business card size) for distribution to each patient when they are first given their e-mail. The cards can be purchased locally or from Engaged Care. Engaged Care also supplies labels and printers at the SHOWMYCARE store.

Once enrolled, patients can access their e-mail communications with you at Each patient owns their e-mail address and will be able to use it with other health care providers. If not already enrolled with Engaged Care, those providers will receive an electronic communication from Engaged Care inviting them to become licensed users of the service. 

All communications between health care providers and their patients enrolled on the Engaged Care service are HIPAA Compliant. Additionally, the e-mail address is secure from attempts by third parties to spam, phish or otherwise gain access to the e-mail as all communications must be “white listed” in order to move between patient and licensed user.