As technology becomes more complex and confusing, what doctors need is a simple, secure way to share information with patients. While email is a great tool for this communication, many patients and their caregivers aren’t willing to share their email addresses with practices. Our Medical Email Services allows practices to generate a secure, central email that patients can use for all their medical communication.

Increased Patient Portal Use

If your practice struggles to get patients using your patient portal, our Medical Email Service can dramatically increase both the adoption and use of your portal.

Better Patient Compliance

By sharing medical follow up instructions by email, patients and their trusted caregivers have access to your treatment plan and can be much more compliant, leading to better patient outcomes.

Simple Communication

By making email dedicated and secure, Engaged Care has harnessed the simplicity and power of email and added security and integration with medical technology.

Turnkey Solution

Engaged Care has made it simple to generate medical email addresses at the point of service for any practice.