About Us

Engaged Care LLC. was formed to address the increasing frustration experienced by doctors and their practices who have adopted EHR yet find it nearly impossible to meet their own goals in terms of patient engagement.

Engaged Care Founder Jim Riggi has spent nearly over 30 years in information technology.  Early in his career he helped develop the software that allowed ATMs from different banks to securely communicate with one another, a technology solution that is commonly used by billions of consumers on a daily basis.  In 1999, he  started Medflow, which today is one of the leading EHR vendors in ophthalmology.

Through the course of that building period, Jim spent tens of thousands of hours in medical facilities observing patient and provider engagement. That combination of exposure to patient encounter workflow and decades of software engineering experience laid the foundation for the creation of Engaged Care LLC.

Medical Facilities are transitioning from maintaining paper charts to using electronic records at a rapid pace.  Patients and their caregivers will be required to take on an active role in managing the health of the patient. It will be the responsibility of the providers to effectively communicate with patients so that patients and caregivers can make good decisions.

Engaged Care LLC. was created to build tools that act to facilitate the communication process between the doctor and the patient.

We do not replace or act as a patient portal. Patient Portals will continue to manage the storage of the patient's medical information.

Engaged Care acts as the connector between the patient and the portal. We simplify the experience for the patient and their caregivers, and centralize a patient's access to the portals used by different doctors across multiple specialties.

Our email service is dedicated exclusively to communications between patients and the medical facilities they use, providing the patient with a dashboard that links them to the portals of each participating practice.

Our mission is simple: Increase patient and caregiver engagement by providing tools that make it easy for the patient, their caregivers, and providers (clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies...) to connect.